The National library „Jovan Popovic“ has nine branches at nearby vilages: Bantska Topola, Banatsko Veliko Selo, Basaid, Idjos, Mokrin, Nakovo, Novi Kozarci, Rusko selo, Sajan and a branch at Cultural association Edjseg.

Local libraries within the jurisdiction of the National library „Jovan Popovic“ have a centralized acquisition and processing of the books. They have their own inventory books and catalogues. They are subscribed to magazines and newspapers as well as children magazines. Library technicians who work in the local libraries are employed by the National Library “Jovan Popovic”.


Miladin Zoric bb

Nakovo 23311



Local library in Nakovo is the first library that fell under the jurisdiction of the National Library “Jovan Popovic”. At the moment of the merger in 1958 it had 769 books in its fund. Now it has 6870 books in Serbian language and 3988 of those are children’s books. The fund is open to the public and is sorted by the UDC (Universal Decimal Classification) System. Library technician: Vesna Majstorovic.