Using the Library:

Library General Rules and Regulations:
- Enrollment into any department or a branch of the library allows the use of the complete library funds for the entire year.
- Library services are available only to those with a membership card.
- Members can borrow a maximum of three books from the loan department for adults for a period of two weeks. As for the loan department for children, members can borrow a maximum of three books or five picture books for a period of two weeks.
- Members can extend their loan once over the phone or in person.
- If the borrowed material is damaged or lost, members are obligated to compensate for the lost material either with replacing it with the same book or by paying an adequate fee.
- If the membership card is lost, members will be issued a new one for an adequate fee.
- Reprographic services, photocopying of up to five pages, are done in the library.
- Periodicals, professional literature and local collection are not on loan and can only be used in the library Reading Room.
- When using the Reading Room, members are obligated to leave their membership card with the librarian and pick it up after finishing their work.