Also a number of new departments in the library formed and the organization of book readings, gallery openings, lectures, publishings and other activities increased drastically.

In 1975, the city library, archive and museum merged together to form an institution called ”Cultural Center“. The center worked until the end of 1989, when its units seperated to form independent cultural intitutions again.
After World War II, the library significantly increased its funds, counting from 2500 books in 1945. to
154 000 books in 1997.

In the Kikinda community the library has nine branches, and by its status it is a national library. The National Library “Jovan Popovic“ consists of: loan department for children, loan department for adults, professional literature department, department for serial publications, local collection and registry office. A lot of well known local and international writers have contributed to the quality and diversity of the program the library has to offer.
The Library has been given many awards and accolades for its work. Some of them are, The October Award, given by the city of Kikinda and two Milorad Pavic– Surep Awards in 1974 and 1995.

Today, The National Library ”Jovan Popovic“ is a central library for the North Banat district, it has nine branches and over 190 000 books in Serbian, Hungarian and English languages.